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How to import an QGIS file in Sketchup?

Working with open soure programs becomes an important movement in urban planning and design right now. One of the tools is using QGIS and Sketchup in combination. And the question of how to make QGIS to "talk" with Sketchup is essential for our jobs. After spending several hours frustrating with all recomendations and advices. I found below method is the reliable one. Follow this step will help to use and have a QGIS output in your Sketchup!
1) Open GIS: Choose a layer in QGiS: right click choose “Save as”, in Format option choose Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
-          Enter name of the output file in “Save As”

-    2) Go to Sketchucation to get KML-tool. This tool is free but you have to register on the website:, register with your new account, sign in, to install the kml tool plugin
-          Get, unzip all files in the Plugin folder of Sketchup7 (free version)
-     3) Open Sketcup7, go to Plugin menu, go to KML Tools à ImportKML File. It will take a while for sketchup initializes the kml file
(if you don't have sketchup 7, here is the link to download version 7:

    4) To use the Push/Pull Tool for the imported kml file: go to to get MakeFaces1.4
-          Choose the imported elements, right-click choose Explode to explode them, then go to Tool-MakeFaces1.4. Again put the file in the Plugin folder of Sketchup
-          Using Push/Pull

Note: for some unknown reason, join Push/Pull doesn’t work in Sketchup7, so to use it the alternatives is having Sketchup8 or writing Ruby script

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