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Học bổng tiến sĩ ngành Quy hoạch Đô thị tại University of Illinois, Chicago

Call for applications for UPP Departmental Scholar Award (4year support)
PhD in Urban Planning and Policy at University of Illinois, Chicago
Applications due December 1, 2012
Applications are invited for Urban Planning and Policy (UPP) Departmental Scholarships that support
doctoral study in the Department of Urban Planning and Policy at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
Qualified students will each receive four years of funding to cover tuition and certain fees subject to
satisfactory progress in both coursework and research. Tuition differential will be directly paid to the
University by the UPP Department on behalf of the student. Students will also receive a stipend for up to
11 months a year. Initially, the amount of the stipend is equivalent to a 50% research assistant
appointment, which translates to approximately $1,700 per month. After passing the preliminary
examination, which should be completed the summer after second year in the program, the stipend
from the Department will be reduced to a 25% appointment equivalent. After passing the preliminary
examination, students are encouraged to seek out additional support from external funding sources
such as research grants and fellowships. Also, the Department strives to provide opportunities for
doctoral students to build a strong teaching portfolio by hiring them as teaching assistants (TA) or
instructors after advancing to candidacy. Appointment as a TA or an instructor for a course normally
provides a stipend that is at least equal to a 25% appointment. Total value of this financial aid is over
$123,000 for an instate and over $171,000 for an outofstate student.

UIC’s urban planning and policy program is known for its cuttingedge research aimed at identifying,
reducing, and preventing disparities in economic opportunity, civic participation, environmental impact,
publically available amenities, and transportation access. Another hallmark is its commitment to
engaged research. We encourage students to actively engage local and outside communities, public
agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders in their research.
The aim of the Ph.D. in urban planning program is to train students for advanced research and faculty
positions within institutions of higher education. It is intended to serve fulltime students. The doctoral
program is divided into four segments: core, major coursework, career training and dissertation.
Students are expected to complete the core course requirements and most of major course work by the
beginning of the third year. Students who are supported by the UPP Departmental Scholar Awards are
expected to take the prelim examination during the summer that follows their second full year of
For the cohort starting in the fall semester of 2013, the Program will select up to 4 qualified students,
each receiving the fouryear funding described above. For a full consideration, applications must be
submitted by 5pm (Central Standard Time) on December 1, 2012. For a detailed instruction for
application and requirements, consult our web site
Curt Winkle
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Urban Planning and Policy
University of Illinois at Chicago


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