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Thông báo: khóa học trên mạng (e-course) lớp Thiết kế đô thị do giáo sư Emily Talen (FAICP) giảng dạy

Dưới đây là thông tin về lớp Thiết kế đô thị (e-course) của giáo sư Emily Talen

Urban Design for Planners: An E-Course

Emily Talen, PhD, FAICP, Instructor

This course offers 10 hours of step-by-step, video-based instruction 
on the “how to” of urban design: how to create urban design plans, 
models and graphics using open source GIS, Sketchup, and graphics editing software. 
AICP members can earn 3 Certification Maintenance (CM) credits.

You will learn how to:

create maps using open source GIS
create 3D Sketchup models
create 2D graphic designs 
put it all together in a professional-looking document 

No software purchase required – this course uses only FREE, open source software. 
There are no prerequisites  No background in drawing, architecture, GIS, or 
programming required. 

Cost: $295 

Group rates:
11 to 20 subscriptions: $150 per subscription
21 to 30 subscriptions: $130 per subscription
31 to 50 subscriptions: $110 per subscription

To enroll in this course, visit is no deadline: once 
you enroll, you will have 90 days to access the material. 

This course is based on the book Urban Design Reclaimed: Tools, Techniques and Strategies for Planners 
by Emily Talen (Planners Press, 2009).

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